Deze talenten hebben recent hun studie afgerond en zoeken een baan. Help jij ze aan een uitdagende functie?


Mojgan Pourshirazi

Degrees: MBA (University of Greenwich) MSc Biotechnology (University of Tehran)
Work experience: 4 years as a product developer, market researcher, and project manager in the field of biotechnological products. Experience in market analysis, busin
Languages: English (full proficiency), Persian (native), Dutch (beginner)
About me (full):

What brought me to the Netherlands, apart from its friendly and energetic people, was the high employment rate and the human development index, with the hope of going through my career life in this country full of opportunities. I started my journey from Deventer, and I soon fell in love with this beautiful small town. I studied an MBA there to open my way to the business world, which I am strongly interested in. After graduating, I moved to Amstelveen with the dream of finding a good job in big cities like Amsterdam. I have a background in biotechnology, and I received my degree from the University of Tehran. I have four years of experience back in Iran at Golrang Industrial Holding Group as a product developer, market researcher, and project manager in the field of biotechnological products. I have worked within a variety of industries such as Dairy, Food & Beverage, Pharma, Animal Feed, Skincare, and Detergent, and have experience in market analysis, business case writing, B2B negotiation, as well as consulting and sales experience. Due to my interest in business and technology, I am looking for a job position where I can bridge between my past experiences and the scientific background with my business knowledge.

Unfortunately, I was not very lucky in this direction, because shortly after starting the job-seeking, the job market got locked due to Corona crisis and many companies froze the hiring process and postponed or canceled their interview appointments. More sadly, the Dutch government did not cooperate with people like me who are using their job seeker visa to extend it. Now I have less than 3 months left to find a suitable job and get a work visa and be able to continue my career life in the Netherlands. But difficulties and obstacles continue. I know I can't make a choice at this point, and the path must choose me, so any suggestion that helps me in this process and provides the conditions for a work visa is highly welcome. Thank you for reading my story!



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