Deze talenten hebben recent hun studie afgerond en zoeken een baan. Help jij ze aan een uitdagende functie?


Niloufar Saber

Degrees: MSc Linguistics (University of Amsterdam), MSc Teaching English to Foreign Language Learners (Guilan University, Iran)
Work experience: 10+ years of English language teaching experience at institutes and universities; 2 years Persian language teaching experience; Culture and language r
Languages: Persian (native); English (C1); Dutch (B1)
About me (full):

In September 2018 I started my second master at the University of Amsterdam. The one-year intensive master was quite challenging as the educational system was totally different and I had a small job besides studying.
I started teaching Persian in Amsterdam and meanwhile got my DUO qualification to teach English at the secondary vocational level in the Netherlands.

Living in a European country has never been easy, and learning Dutch was my next challenge.
As I take Dutch lessons I feel a higher degree of integration with the country and the people but it is still a barrier for me to become a teacher in this country. These days, I am looking for a language teaching job in a high school to teach English.

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