Deze talenten hebben recent hun studie afgerond en zoeken een baan. Help jij ze aan een uitdagende functie?


Roozbeh Aminian

Degrees: Msc Chemical Engineering, Separation Processes and Msc Water Management
Work experience: 2 years in Iodine factory, expert in Q.C unit, R&D researcher. 1 year in pharmaceutical company, expert in Q.C unit, production manager. 2.6 years advisor of spokesman& member council of Gorgan city. 5 months research intern at Sensileau Company (sensors platform)
Languages: English (Full proficiency), Persian (native), Dutch (A1, Elementary proficiency), German (A1, Elementary proficiency)
About me (full):

I was born and raised in Iran, based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. I have MSc in Chemical Engineering-Separation-Processes. Currently, I am studying MSc Environmental, Energy and Water Management with a specialization in Water Management at Twente University, I will be graduated on the 1st of September. Beside my technical expertise, I have management knowledge as well. I worked as an expert in QC labs of the Iodine factory by doing different kinds of chemical experiments such as analyzing chemical substances, purity testing, and solution preparation. I also worked in IPQC units with working especially on wastewater quality and controlling and adjusting the process of production. Then I started to work in the Pharmaceutical Company, Production Process, and IPQC units to control the quality of the production process such as the friability test, hardness test, and dissolution test. I worked as a production manager in this company as well, experienced in working with a syrup filling machine, powder filling machine, and batch reactors to do the extraction process of herbal plants. Also, I have a working experience as a coordinator and adviser in the city council, which made me capable to interact with people very well.

With respect to my educational and working background, I am interested to find a job and work in either chemical or water fields from 1st September on. I am a hardworking, creative, responsible team player person. If you know any possible opportunities or if you have any questions concerning my background and skills, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would appreciate any information and guidance.

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