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Ahmad Imandoost

Degrees: Msc Economics from University of Tehran, Bsc of Electrical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology
Work experience: 3 years market researcher, researcher in the international trade field
Languages: English (Full Proficiency, IELTS: 7.5), Dutch (Limited Working Proficiency), Turkish (Bilingual Proficiency), Persian (Native)
About me (full):

Netherlands has been always famous for its markets and having the greatest traders all around the world. In addition to the kind and hospitable people, its growing economy and numerous job opportunities make it a desirable place to pursue my career goals. These factors encouraged me to improve my skills in economics and market studies after migrating to the Netherlands in 2019.

I started my study in “Electrical Engineering” in one of the most prestigious universities in my country, Iran. However, after a while, I realized that working as an engineer is not what I am made for it. I took a huge risk and it paid off, I changed my major to “Economics” and followed my dreams in this field. During my master's program, I started to work as an international economist and then as a market researcher. Since then I consistently tried to developing new skills and learning something new. I consider myself self-taught and fast learner since I managed to gain new skills including Python programming, Dutch Language to a considerable extent, in less than six months and through online sources. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge in the fields of “Data Science” and “Marketing Analytics” through online courses, and I hope to gain professional experience by working in a challenging and motivating environment.

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