The network for Persian-speaking professionals

Ambition and out-of-the-box thinking. As a cosmopolitan you use these traits to build a successful career. Your rich cultural background gives you a unique perspective and a broad network to create value with.

Be the best of both worlds

Why this network

As Persian-speaking professionals we understand each other’s opportunities and challenges well and there’s potential to learn from each other by exchanging knowledge and experience. Because, a rising tide lifts all boats. Therefore, our goal is to accelerate our professional growth by using our unique cosmopolitan background.

Our community in the Netherlands in figures

Aghans, Iranians and Tajiks
20-65 years (working age)

Our inspiration

Molana is a world renowned poet with deep ties to the three Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. We are inspired by his message of connecting and wonderment. That is how we form an inclusive business network with professionals that stand for collaboration and growth.

A wall standing alone is useless,
but put three or four walls together,
and they'll support a roof
and keep grain dry and safe.
Molana (also known as Rumi)
Persian-speaking poet

Activities you can find with us

Join us on a company visit or listen to interesting speakers. We have something for everyone. In any case, there’s plenty of opportunity to connect withh other professionals at our events. Are you more interested in insights that you can use in your career? We also do research.

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