Activities you can find with us

Growing together

Knowledge sessions

Interesting speakers update you about their field of expertise, with an opportunity to connect with the other attending professionals afterwards.

Would you like to get an impression of previous events? Click here! (Dutch)

Company visits with brainstorm

Are you curious to have a look inside companies? Then join us on company visits. During these sessions we learn about challenges the entrepreneur faces and we brainstorm about possible solutions.

Would you like to get an impression of previous events? Click here! (Dutch)

Expand your network with Chai roulette

Expand your network by having a (digital) cup of tea with a different Persian-speaking professional every month.

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Research and Representation

What are the unwritten rules to be successful? The working culture in the Netherlands can differ from what you were imparted at home. We map the differences with analyses and stories, in order to learn from each others’ experiences. Moreover, we explore what we’re good at as a community and what we can further improve.

Working culture and our opportunities

Get inspired by the successes of Persian-speaking professionals. We seek to celebrate the successes of our community and therefore we share stories from professionals in our newsletter and social media.

Furthermore, we aim to support our community in the field of diversity and inclusion. Companies are increasingly devoting efforts to this topic and it is important to include the perspective of Persian-speaking professionals in that.

Celebrating success and support

Our values

We embrace collaboration within the community, but also with other communities. We first try to give help, before receiving it. In a turbulent environment we are each other’s scout. We share experiences in our own field with professionals in other fields, to stay updated.

We respect each other and each other’s background. The Persian language and culture is connecting factor and we keep interaction free from politics and religion.

We strive for high professional standards in our activities. We set ambitious goals with each other, follow up on agreements and measure our progress.

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