Chai roulette

Expand your network with Chai roulette

Expand your network by meeting a different Persian-speaking professional every month. Through Chai roulette you are matched with another professional to have a cup of tea together via an online meeting. Leave your details below and you will receive a message shortly with further instructions.

How does it work


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Sign up through the form below.


At the start of every month we look for a match based on your preferences. We will introduce you and your conversation partner in an email and send you the information you entered on your respective sign up forms.


Make an appointment
Now it’s time to make an appointment. We will send you instructions through email. After scheduling, make a note of the appointment in your calendar so that you do not miss the conversation.


Get acquainted!
Prepare a cup of tea before the agreed time and start the call. Have fun getting to know each other! If you are unable to attend, please let your conversation partner know in time.


The following month we repeat the process. Do you no longer want to participate? Send a message to with subject “Unsubscribe from Chai roulette”.


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